Open Sourcing Zuul 2

Today we officially announced the release of Zuul 2. It’s an exciting day for the team and the blog post linked hightlights some of the other work we’ve been doing.

Here’s a summary of the major features included in the open source release:

Today we are releasing many core features. Here are the ones we’re most excited about:

Server Protocols

  • HTTP/2 — full server support for inbound HTTP/2 connections
  • Mutual TLS — allow for running Zuul in more secure scenarios

Resiliency Features

  • Adaptive Retries — the core retry logic that we use at Netflix to increase our resiliency and availability
  • Origin Concurrency Protection — configurable concurrency limits to protect your origins from getting overloaded and protect other origins behind Zuul from each other

Operational Features

  • Request Passport — track all the lifecycle events for each request, which is invaluable for debugging async requests
  • Status Categories — an enumeration of possible success and failure states for requests that are more granular than HTTP status codes
  • Request Attempts — track proxy attempts and status of each, particularly useful for debugging retries and routing

You can find on instructions on getting started on the Github wiki. We have a slew of features that we’re working on and will release shortly, so stay tuned.